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What our patients have to say....

Dr. Segat is the best dentist in NJ. I have been her patient for 30 years and thanks to her I still have my original teeth. She is almost obsessed with doing perfect work and uses the latest advances in technology. I recommend her with enthusiasm.

Richard A on Google

Best! dentist ever. Don't go anywhere else!!

Judith S on Google

Another very happy experience at Dr. Segat. Professional staff from the front desk to the chair with great care makes this a memorable visit. I have been going to Dr. Segat for over 10 years, she is truly passionate and caring about her work. I 10/10 highly recommend going to her!

Kate N on Google

Impeccable dentistry - I never have to return for work that doesn't feel or "fit" correctly. The work she does lasts - temp fillings never fall out, etc. She did porcelain veneers for me 20 years ago, and at that time, said they generally last about 10 years. Acquaintances - two of them dentists - were amazed at her work and said his own dentist doesn't compare to her artistry! I wasn't blessed with the best teeth, but because of her, I still have them all. She is a perfectionist - doesn't even allow an assistant to do cleanings - completely and literally hands on.

Karen C on Yelp

Dr. Segat is one of a kind! She has always been extremely polite and friendly, up-to-the-minute on techniques and materials in her field, caring and concerned, helpful with advice on insurance, oral hygiene, and any other matter that arises. She is careful to respect costs and budget. She also is a meticulous worker, sensitive and responsive to my comfort as she works, narrating and educating as she goes along. I feel like she works as hard for you as she would for any family member. I felt like all my faith and appreciation for Dr. Segat's quality of work was reaffirmed when I had to go to an oral surgeon near my home. When he looked in my mouth, he exclaimed "Wow!". He had a colleague come look. Later, I asked him why he said "Wow!" His reply was, "She does beautiful work!" With all the mouths he must see, I felt very proud of Dr. Segat and very lucky to be her patient!

J.G., Oradell

You are the BEST dentist I've had in my entire life; you have cured my phobia by your deft and talented hands. You are the first dentist who has truly cared about how my teeth looked.


Just a note to express my appreciation for a job well done, the surgery went so smoothly - without pain or discomfort - as did the healing process. Unbelieveable! Dr. Segat, you are a fine surgeon and you as well as your capable staff are most compassionate professionals. I am indeed a very appreciative patient.


I appreciate the concern you gave me the night I came to your office as an emergency. Thank you for being the dentist my husband said you are: VERY Thorough! Thanks again.


Thanks for everything, I am very grateful for the skillful dental care you have provided for my whole family. I am especially pleased at the positive experience my children received. I'll never forget how you examined my 2-year-old sitting in my lap. It was just a peek, but it allowed him to trust you. You have begun both my children on the path of a lifetime of regular dental care - fearlessly, and for that Dr. Segat, I thank you.


So glad I found you, I can't thank you enough for giving me this beautiful smile!! Fondly,


Hugs to you for all the wonderful care. I am so busy looking at my teeth, I almost missed sending this out! Thank You again for all you did for me.